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Advanced level classes.
These are classes for folks who already have a strong practice, and for those who need less instruction, more play, and challenging sequences.

I am always available for questions, or clarifications. Please do not hesitate to reach out and ask for more personal guidance or instructions.

December 28th

Advanced: Life transitions: invite curiosity for what comes next.

November 30th

Advanced: Use the body and mind to settle the body and mind (part 2).

May 26th
Cultivating a consistent practice: challenging.

April 27th
My personal practice, focus on fascia.

March 30th
Being deliberate: deep backbends w/binds.

February 23rd
Warming hips and the back body.

January 26th
Working with backbends, Mula Bandha, and baselines.

December 28th
Dharma 4 w/variations + that time I almost broke a tv. 

November 23rd
Fun advanced practice.

October 26th
Lots of inversions and deep postures

September 21st
Deep hip openers

August 23rd
Dharma 4

July 27th
My personal practice when I'm short on time

July 22nd
My personal practice

June 15th
Challenging practice when it's hot

May 4th
Intermediate practice w/advanced options

April 6th
Challenging class
Arm balances & inversions.

March 23rd
Challenging class focused on transitions

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