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Beginner level classes.
These are classes for folks who are newer to the practice, or for those who just want a simple no frills practice.
I am always available for questions, or clarifications. Please do not hesitate to reach out and ask for more personal guidance or instructions.

December 15th

Beginner: Life transitions: make space for grief. Short practice 35 min yoga nidra (relaxation).

December 7th

Beginner: Life transitions: focus on beginning, middle, and end.

November 2nd

Beginner: Practice to find out why you practice. (Sivananda inspired practice).

May 4th
Beginner: Cultivating a consistent practice: nourishing gentle practice

April 5th
Beginner: Deepening the physical practice - bones and muscles

March 2nd
Beginner: Gentle practice: being deliberate.

February 2nd
Beginner: Basic class to warm up the body.

January 12th
Beginner/Intermediate: How to start deepening backbends.

Janurary 5th
Beginner: How to set your own baseline.

December 21st
Beginner/Intermediate: Class when you're dealing with something challenging in life. 

December 2nd
Foundations of practice. 

November 2nd
1 hour beginner class. 

October 5th
Easy class for relaxation

September 1st
Simple Beginner Class

August 10th
Super simple beginner class

July 13th
Simple class for the joints

June 22nd
Practice to build a strong foundation

April 19th
Class when you're short on time.

March 30th
Building concentration using mantra:
Om Nama Shivaya

March 2nd
Gentle class.

February 23rd
Beginner class

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