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Image by Nigel Tadyanehondo

It’s time to make

a change. 

Investigate who you could be-

rather than who you think you are or should be.

“Sessions with Aqeel were integral to
deep healing that has brought me to a new understanding of myself and my capacity.”
Being a person is hard sometimes. 
Everything is in a state of constant flux.  Relationships come and go.  Long held patterns come up again and again.  Depression, low energy, or a general feeling of being “stuck” can linger for what feels like an eternity.
You have probably spent years trying to work on yourself. Maybe decades.
Perhaps you’ve tried talk therapy, committed
(and re-committed) to self care practices, taken a deep dive into spiritual traditions, made attempts to change destructive habits, or talked to other professionals who had no answers.  
After all of this, perhaps your life has changed a little or a lot. 
Yet even so, there is a deep knowing somewhere within that you haven't "arrived" yet, or found what you are searching for.
Image by Taras Chernus
“Aqeel is pure magic.
I could literally feel the trauma leave my body,
in a very gentle and deeply relaxing way.”
Greater freedom
is possible.
What if releasing old patterns wasn’t hard at all?  
What if you could transform feelings of self-doubt, worry, anger, or dread into clarity and guidance?
How would your body feel if you promoted and accelerated its natural self healing processes?
What would a relationship in your life be like with a greater flow of communication and understanding between you?
How would you show up in your personal and professional life if you were able to ride the waves of life’s joys and challenges with greater ease?
Energy healing awakens old patterns to give space for emotional, physical, and spiritual healing.
Similar to how traditional talk therapy helps clients tap into the thought patterns behind emotional blockages, energy healing works at the energetic level to help promote healing on the physical, emotional, and spiritual levels.

You don’t have to do it alone.

Having a strategy and a partner is invaluable to the healing and growth process.  It helps to keep you focused on the issue at hand, taking you into deeper and deeper insights, and reflecting your own awareness back to you.


I’m Aqeel Yaseen. I'm here to help.

Since 2015, I have cultivated the ability to offer a profound form of energetic healing work through countless hours of trainings and practice.


I have helped people achieve results they didn't know were possible in their lives and I am here to help you do the same.

It’s a joy to help you navigate your journey by creating a safe environment to explore, talk through, and energetically support your process.

In my work with clients, we start by understanding the issues you are facing and then together make a plan to help you move forward from them.  The energy healing tools I use bring you into greater awareness of your body, mind, and life so you can remember how to be a grounded, creative, and loving presence in the world. 


Get in touch for a

free energy tune up.

Before making any kind of commitment, however, let’s make sure we’re a good fit!  

Please click the button below for a totally free energy system tune up.  This will give  you the opportunity to see if energy healing could help.  

I offer this with zero pressure or expectation that we’ll work together further-- though if I can help, I hope we will! 



I offer healing packages of 6 or 10 weeks, depending on what you want to work on and the results you’d like to see in your life. 

3 Sessions for $405 spread over 6 weeks

5 Sessions for $600 spread over 10 weeks

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