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We all struggle in some ways because being a person is hard sometimes. If you have ever found yourself searching for answers, solutions, or guidance then you are already on a healing journey.


Like me, you have probably spent years trying to work on yourself. You've been watching your habits, being careful about your relationships, and connecting with communities, practices, and teachings that offer information on how to lead a life of peace, prosperity, and joy. Your life has changed, a little, or maybe a lot. But there is a deep knowing somewhere that you haven't "arrived" yet, or that you haven't found what you're searching for.

The healing journey begins with bringing your awareness to the places where you hold patterns and conditioning that keeps you from being present.  

It helps to have someone to reflect our awareness back to us.

Healing sessions bridge our awareness into and help us meet the places within us that are the hardest to reach and need the most healing. This process invites curiosity, returns our joy to us, and invites the presence of grace back into our lives.

There is no greater offering that we can make to this world besides completely showing up with enthusiasm, curiosity, and love.

My work is to help you navigate your journey by creating a safe environment to explore, talk through, and energetically support your process. The energy healing tools bring you into the space of our body, where life happens, so you can remember how to be a grounded, creative, and loving presence in the world.

Having a strategy to address your issues really helps. I'm offering sessions as a program to be more precise and effective. Here's how you can work with me:

3 Sessions for $350 over 6 weeks
5 Sessions for $575 over 10 weeks
Or one session at a time for $150

Click here to book your sessions, or sign up for a consultation session to see how we can work together.

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