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Intermediate level classes.
These are classes for folks who more seasoned practice, and working to deepen postures.
I am always available for questions, or clarifications. Please do not hesitate to reach out and ask for more personal guidance or instructions.

May 11th
When you don't feel like doing yoga!

April 27th
Shoulders strength and flexibility.

April 13th
Hip opening/forward bends.
So Hum Mantra

March 16th
Balancing poses

March 9th
Beginner/Intermediate Class

February 16th
26 (?) Sun salutations + postures

February 9th
Hamstring strength and flexibility

February 2nd
Twisting postures

January 26th
Back bending poses

January 19th
Shoulder strength and flexibility

January 12th
Hip opening postures

January 5th
Working towards advanced poses

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