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3 simple tips to stay committed to practice, and The Soul Searchers

May you be at ease,

What drives us to continue to show up to life? Some might suggest that there is some profound and glorious purpose behind our existence, and that our participation is akin to notes in a symphony. Others might dryly say that our lives are much like furniture in the cosmos. Regardless of our ideas, we are here for the duration, and it's largely up to us how we will navigate the choices and consequences of our world.

Despite the messaging we receive from our social institutions, we are always in a position of paving the way ahead of us. There are no set pathways that we must traverse. There is no other planet for us to live on. The life we are living currently is the one we must hold ourselves accountable for. The relationships we are part of shape us, teach us, but are not determine our identity. Our choices, habits, preferences, and tastes do not determine our identity either. Our identity is a means through which we can interface the entirety of existence, but it not the entirety of our being, just like one finger does not make a hand.

Whatever we do with our time on this planet, we are the great recipients of centuries of collected wisdom and teachings to help us deal with the ups and downs of this human experience. It is our responsibility and great opportunity to be able to put those teachings into action through our spiritual practice.

Here are 3 simple tips to stay committed to practice:

Inspired by Sir Joe Quarterman & Free Soul - (I Got) So Much Trouble On My Mind


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