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All Along The Watchtower

Matchstick houses, and Jimi Hendrix

The fulcrum upon which the axis of dignity and equity rests cannot be turned by the actions of only one person.

Our minds tend to weave a story wherein we are the central figure. In this narrative, everything we do, think, and say is a product of our own making and ultimately adds up to something big - a someone. For operating purposes, this collection of shoulds and shouldn'ts, would or wouldn't, past and future images seems to work for or against us at times. Under scrutiny, though, it is a matchstick house held together by trickery or maybe if we could smell it, some droplets of glue. A house like that fails against the slightest storms. If we could wrestle ourselves away for a bit, from the tedium of collecting more pieces to add to the frail structure of "I am," we might find a bit of freedom from our Sisyphean struggle. A wave of humility might dawn shocking us from slumber awakening our senses to this marvel marble built up solid liquid and gas possibilities. In our curiosity we could ask the right questions and unlock our own mysterious nature. Rather than continue to play the comparison game and shaming each other as our false meritocracy drown us all, maybe we could lift each other up. We are, everything is, a subset of an unobservable and self-governed unsolvable order whose operating principles are mostly unknown to us. We exist as a pinpoint of a pinpoint on the ball of a cosmic question mark. We share the same planetary home. We are all subject to the same laws of nature. We all thrive together or we perish. Through collective awareness, abandoning our meritocratic fantasies, setting down the crucible of retribution, disarming ourselves against threats unmet, ceasing the endless pursuit of glory in heaven or on earth, we can come home to the tender and vulnerable warmth of life living without justifications, boundaries, or allegiances. For now, nested in our own perch, bought or paid by each day's wages, our eyes to the horizon of what is coming, "All Along The Watchtower (Jimi Hendrix)."


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