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Questions, Richard Feynman, and Sopwith Camel

Art by Andrew Fairclough

To live in this world,

is to let our questions drive us.

Without our questions,

we are contorted pantomimes;

mere shadows of who we might be.

Without our curiosity and inquisitiveness,

We are automatons

bereft of play, joy, or appreciation for life.

A question has plagued me since childhood.

Why are human beings cruel?

My child heart answered,

"Their mother didn't love them enough."

My teen anguish said,

"Because they can."

My youthful insecurity whispered,

"It's too hard to choose kindness."

My philosophical mind thought,

"Reasoning is built on ideology - the product of centuries of social norms - but supported by beliefs and desires."

My spiritual fantasies suggested,

"All events are carefully weighed and measured in a balance maintained by our relationship with some predetrmined Divine Order."

My wisdom tells me,

"Nothing is out of place, and to see things accurately, we must adjust the place from which we are observing. Violence and cruelty arise directly out of misunderstanding, and the unwillingness to see from a different angle. Selfishness and self-centeredness distort how we perceive our life and the lives of others. All beings are woven into one another, and any effort to impose or cling to the sense of separateness is futile and ultimately it will be made visible, understood, and embodied by all."

To ask why, though,

is to ask

"what do I believe to be true?"

Inspired by Richard Feynman on magnets, and Sopwith Camel - Fazon


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