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For What It's Worth

How to balance effort and ease, and Miriam Makeba

Please enjoy this rich and relevant conversation from a few weeks ago from the monthly satsang. As we enter a new season, and we engage with life with a renewed vigor and curiosity, the questions that came up are especially potent:

How do I balance effort and ease?

How do I stay motivated to practice?

After a year of mostly seeing one-dimensional social media versions of most other human beings, I feel that it's worth remembering that everyone is multifaceted, complex, and appearance is not reality.

In whose eyes are we being seen?

The ancients overlooking us,

those named and forgotten to time,

in whose footsteps we all tread.

May we never forget those,

known and unknown to us,

whose lives gave us knowledge

of pitfalls and pathways.

For whose eyes do we allow ourselves to be seen?

We are made visible by our actions,

and those who reflect back to us our belonging

or lack thereof.

Silhouettes and shadows,

one dimensional figures

cannot contain or convey complexity.

It is our power and responsibility to choose

to reveal the treasure of who and what

live inside these tender and fragile bodies.

Life reveals itself to us when we are open to seeing.

Inspired by Miriam Makeba - "For What It's Worth"

If you need some support as we round out a year in a global pandemic, please know that I am here to support you. You can reach out to me. I am also offering healing sessions through my website. Learn about my work and sign up for a free energy system tune up and consultation.


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