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(I Got) So Much Trouble In My Mind

The context of karma, and Sir Joe Quarterman & Free Soul

May this message meet you with an open and easy heart.

Here is a simple reminder to embrace life, as it is. There are an innumerable things to cause us to become reactive, and to draw our attention away from pursuing liberation, both personally and collectively. Every day that our planet keeps turning, is another chance for us to show up and participate in an a world that is overflowing with possibility. Life is incredibly rich and abundant on this planet, and we are so fortunate just to exist here.

If we can commit to being with life, as it is, then we are in a position to respond, and make choices. There are no guarantees for what our future will be like, and it is very easy to slip into despair or apathy. The courage to be with life as it is requires the willingness to remain curious and open to what could be, and to allow ourselves to let our fears show us where we can remain aware and vigilant.

This planet has harbored life in so many various forms of which we as humans are only one. When we can keep our lives in the broader perspective of life on this planet, compassion, humility, and grace flow through all that we do. All that is required in order for us to learn to work with the conditions of life on this planet is a functional understanding of cause and effect. This understanding is the essence of karma, as taught by the sages of antiquity.

Here are some thoughts on how to understand karma in the modern context:

Inspired by Sir Joe Quarterman & Free Soul - (I Got) So Much Trouble On My Mind


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