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In Search Of Truth

Everything shares a common thread, and Lonnie Liston Smith

Existence arises out of intelligence.

Everything shares a common thread;

Past, present, and future are one tapestry.

History is emergent patterns

of movement and energy

on the canvas of intelligence;

outlines of images made visible

but indistinguishable without distance.

Life only gives us so much distance.

We cannot escape the margins of shared history.

Every breath contained in the same space.

Ground beneath us, sky above,

and even the source of daylight,

all belong to a single origin.

We have tripped over our own feet,

in our mad dash pursuit:

Define ourselves

by the merit of our deeds,

by possessions,

by opinions, beliefs, ideologies,

Or allegiance to God and country.

What if we searched for truth instead?


unbiased, plain, and beyond any doubt.

We exist as a relationship,

not in separation.

We see ourselves reflected

in eyes outside our own.

Observing our impact,

giving and receiving feedback,

and exercising compassion

reminds us what we know:

life is a process

guided by cosmic forces

moved by intelligence.

inspired by

In Search Of Truth - Lonnie Liston Smith


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