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Lean On Me

Cosmic Power and Bill Withers

Hand Of Guidance by @Artxman

Use your inner knowing dear one,

The thin veil of atmosphere that covers our world holds us collectively contained. Our breaths are mixed with those of every other living being on this blue speck amidst a boundless ocean of cosmic happenings. The waves of our actions amongst each other may yet reach the shores of some distant planet. Perhaps by then, we will have learned to value the silence, and listen to the wisdom that dwells between our thoughts, opinions, and ideas.

Watching and participating in the unfolding of our world is equally inspiring and frustrating. We are creatively using the processes that nature uses to organize itself to improve the quality of the human experience. We are learning to write and retrieve data in DNA. But we are also facing the residue of centuries of systemic oppression, shortsightedness with distribution and use of natural resources, and a changing atmosphere both actually and metaphorically (and it's not reversible). Something we know definitively is that the human experience is one that is rife with potential and pitfalls. Joy and sadness, elation and grief, and loneliness are part of everyone's life. These temporary subjective states have become goals or problems, and have built industries and destroyed lives. Our whole way of living has become a relationship to the very narrow sense of what is possible for us to experience. But we are much more than states of mind and matter.

The full potential of the entire cosmos is present in every molecule and cell in every being in all space. As a living bearer of such tremendous power and energy, that is also self-aware and lucid, our great service to each other is to support those of us willing or curious enough to explore what we are capable of collectively. The burden of self-perpetuating layers of conditioning that keep the forces of nature distant from our experience is one we are free to set down if we have the awareness and courage to choose it. In lightening our personal load, we are free to bear the collective weight of the effort required to work in harmony with each other in whatever way we are called to act. Our lives, then, are no longer in servitude to some arbitrary standard of comfort or success, but guided by the polestar of creative expression, learning, and love.

The same universe is present in equal representation in every being, every place, and every possible configuration of matter and energy. Moreover, the universe is consistently present; the same present moment exists uniformly across the whole universe. In other words, the same amount of presence or present moment within the center of a star is also here in each grain of sand, every drop of water, every amoebae, every human being, every other sentient being we have yet to meet. The vastness of what is possible is at the beginning and ending of every breath, and every thought. When we can give ourselves permission to explore our own nature, we can discover that we are interwoven into the endlessness of existence itself. It's a trip that none of us are on alone. It reminds me of the classic Bill Withers song, "Lean On Me."


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