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Call me naive if you must, and Dr. John

Call me naive if you must.

I trust human beings have the capacity to hold complexity and simplicity simultaneously.

I trust we have the capacity to embrace the contrary qualities that each of us possess, and that there is space for us to be fully present with each other.

I trust we can find ways to embrace our fallibility and vulnerability as well as our conviction and courage to live together.

I trust interdependent arising provides the opportunity to see how harm and harmony are what relate us to each other, and together we create the conditions for collective bondage or liberation.

I trust our loneliness and alienation is in proportion to our desire to fully participate in the process of discovering what life will be like when we choose to collaborate.

I trust our willingness will emerge to meet all discomfort, denial, and avoidance of what is painful and ungratifying.

I trust in the sacrifice of laying down what supports delusion for what wakes us from painful slumber.

I trust we can slow down enough to stop rejecting the whole range of human expression, and stop tormenting ourselves with fear of the unknown.

I trust uncertainty and insecurity provide ideal conditions for creativity, collaboration, and humility to guide us beyond selfishness, arrogance, and violence.

I trust openness and curiosity is available within us as much as that this planet is hospitable to the boundless variety of life.


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