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Meditation (Wave Upon Wave)

The answers are within, and Arlo Guthrie

As I approach the final days of waiting to meet a new human being, I filled with a wide mix of thoughts and feelings. Primarily though, I have so much gratitude and awe. I find myself reflecting on whatever play of forces makes it possible to be something more than subatomic stew and have the faculty to be aware. I look at how we interact with one another, other forms of life, and this whole planet, and a deep sense of sorrow moves me. Simultaneously, I have no doubt that we have within our means the capacity to end all our struggles on this planet. Thus, I ask, what would it take for us all to live harmonious, peaceful, and contented lives?

In our ordinary state of activity, we take an infinite number of things for granted. We are virtually blind to our surroundings. Our bodies are soft and fragile temporary vehicles for the unbridled power of creation to work through us. The same power that produces light and heat out of the cold darkness of space is present within us. When we look out from the vantage point of our tiny, seemingly insignificant individual selves, the magnitude of the world that surrounds us is startling. Coupled with the conceptual understanding of the seemingly endless nature of space that surrounds our tiny blue dot, we may surmise that our role as a person has no lasting meaning. And yet, here we are.

What a fantastic and unimaginable chance to be here, amidst this incalculable cosmic context! Also, what a relief, in some ways, that our being here carries such little weight. We might feel dis-empowered at the thought of our insignificance, or we might feel completely liberated, enthusiastic, and curious. "Which is the better story?" I know which story I prefer.

When we look outward at our surroundings, we will see only ourselves, if we shed the veils that separate us from the entire expanse of unknown and unknowable cosmic reality. We could depart with all that keeps us separate from endless possibility, potency, creativity, and variety. The perennial philosophies that appear and re-appear in human history are all in service of the same end: to free human beings from the limited container of their own misunderstanding.

How do we experience the limitlessness of our nature? The answer has been expressed through countless metaphors, myths, and metaphysics. People are searching in substances, belief systems, and otherworldly mediums for answers, clarity, or some kind of relationship with wisdom. But ultimately all signposts, landmarks, and monuments will only lead us searching outside ourselves for what can only be experienced internally.

Turn inward, be quiet, listen, and explore the presence of what is alive when all labels have fallen away. Here's a short video showing you how to sit comfortably for meditation or pranayama.

Inspired by Arlo Guthrie - "Meditation (Wave Upon Wave)"


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