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Molecular Delusion

What is an I anyway? Ramases

Giant swaths of space covered by gas clouds coalesce under intense pressure form explosive balls of fission illuminating all directions over sometimes billions of years, and you are in a hurry to become something or someone?

Molecules formed over eons converge and accrete collisions create an orbit gravity pulls together dense collections by chance some form of materials resembles life, and our self-worth, belonging, or value is something we must earn through struggle?

Planets with suns, moons, and cycles potentially holding a variety of lifeforms exposed to the cosmic forces that unite all space and time moving to the pulse and rhythm that supports all existence, and our thoughts, our identity, our human-ness makes us different from each other?

All the borders, restrictions, obstacles, separateness all the hurt, rejection, fear, loneliness, all the violence, repression, shame, greed, lust all survive and persist because we cling fervently to the imagined sense of "I" at the heart of our experience.

But is that "I" something more than a focal point for the boundless cosmic power to express itself? As something truly boundless, it could never be contained or separate in something so tiny as an "I"


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