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Reminder from 2800 years ago, and Ramases

Tat tvam asi,

These are words from the Chandogya Upanishads, probably written 2800 years ago, that carry the essence of yoga within them. They translate roughly to, "I am that," or "Thou Art That," and signify to us our inseparable relationship with the source of existence. There is no argument that the conditions of life are different than when the Upanishads arrived into human hands. The people of the Indus valley had no social media, nor could they learn about events unfolding thousands of miles away. But humans has always experienced grief, loneliness, doubt, struggle, and all the other 10,000 joys and sorrows of life. The teaching in the Upanishads are a reminder to connect with the presence of what makes it possible to live, and thereby remember that all that we seek to alleviate the discomfort of life's experience is available to us.

We live in a time when exclusivity and hierarchy permeate so much of our daily lives that we can easily forget that joy, love, contentment, and wisdom are dormant within us. Despite how it appears, yoga is not just exercise. Yoga is the science of liberation from the causes of pain and suffering.

Here are some more thoughts on how you are the source of love, joy, wisdom, and contentment:


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