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Over Again

Wherever you go, there you are, and Tim Maia

Greetings friend,

Every day is a fresh chance to embrace life as it is, our place in this larger cosmic context, and to attend to the relationships in our lives with renewed enthusiasm, honesty, and integrity. The demands on our time and attention are arguably more intense than ever before in human history. Our capacity to look backward into the stories and histories of the past has never been more readily available. With such easy access to so much information about the present and the past, we may become overwhelmed by all the thoughts and feelings that arise when we are flooded with images, sounds, and words. The cynical response would be that our best solution is to scrap this world and build something fresh on the rubble.

Such a jaded response leaves us no better off than where we are right now. Rather than stoke some lofty hope of ideology, I ask you to consider leaning more deeply into this world, to what life is, and to where you already have agency about how you participate in this world. In other words, we are always in a position to hold ourselves accountable for our own actions, and ultimately create an environment where accountability is the new normal. What allows us to become accountable is to give up our resistance to life and to say "yes" to what is happening right here and right now.

To say "yes" to our life is to remember the adage, "wherever you go, there you are."

Listen for a deeper explanation, some useful questions, and encouragement.

Inspired by Tim Maia - Over Again


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