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People Make The World Go Round

New website, The Chosen Few

May the well of steady wisdom be full and free flowing within you.

No long diatribe, this week. Only a simple reflection. At a time when social and economic life are all intertwined around staying informed and relevant cultivating a life that is rooted in universal, timeless, and cosmic truths underlying all aspects of history (human or otherwise) seems arcane. However, through grace or folly I have found myself captivated by the most ancient endeavor of human beings; to live in awe of the mystery that all seekers of truth aspire to be near. To satisfy the unquenchable thirst for spiritual knowledge is neither popular nor profitable in the age of the "influencer." I am okay with being unpopular or unseen by those who find comfort in entertainment, news, politics, or any of the other ways people choose to use their precious and valuable attention. To you, dear reader, I owe my sincerest thanks for giving me some of your conscious awareness in reading these words. My objective in writing, in living, and in dreaming of the future is to offer more than I am asking from others, and to return, hopefully, something of utility and wisdom back to the world that has nurtured and housed me these many years. This world, and your company, is a treasure I cherish with the deepest gratitude. My life has been fostered and supported by you, this wonderful community of friends, teachers, and equals.

Please accept this humble offering of my updated website. I am asking only for your support in helping me be of service to you in new and different ways. If you are curious about the healing work I've been offering, you'll find more information and some options for sessions that can be done in person, or at a distance. Please be on the look out for more web-based offerings, recorded meditations, classes, and reflections.

My life is deeply tied to your life, as well as all other living beings on this planet, and what I do in my life cannot be done without you. We are here to uplift and serve each other. After all, like the Chosen Few sang way back in 1972, People Make the World Go Round.


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