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Power To The People

Dawn refreshes chances, Hexagram 8, and Curtis Mayfield

Every day the same sky above us,

the sun and moon

distant to us enough

moving and changing

taken for granted.

We fixate on clouds;


clear vision beyond

even our most distant shores.

Looking at the horizon,

or prone gazing,

do we drum up meaning

from snowfall,

from rain?

A cypher in starlight

or pristine jewel amidst clear blue?

Or is there nothing

save what our eyes and brain conjure

set against seemingly endless mystery:

how are we even alive

drifting in the vastness of the cosmos?

Please swallow that political jargon.

Such poison nourishes no living thing;

making real a collective hallucination

of hubris and indignity.

Whatever positions

of personal gain or power are sought,

all made worthless

when cell walls dissolve

and microbes mix bodies with soil.

Standing on loving soil,

our ancestors

returned to us as nourishment

one sky hovers over all;

none deserving more or less these gifts.

Tiers of worthiness lead

always to tears of misery.

Dawn refreshes chances

to draw on inexhaustible grace

expressed as loving presence;

where language falls silent

we remember our wisdom.

"Water flows to unite with water, because all parts of it are subject to the same laws. So too should human society hold together through a community of interests that allows each individual to feel themself a member of a whole." I Ching, Hexagram 8

Inspired by Curtis Mayfield's "Power to the People."

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