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Rainbow Tree

Conceptual frameworks, and The Lemon Pipers

Howdy friend,

Last week's satsang was very powerful and timely. Our conversation touched on several themes that haven been arising over the last year with regard to truth, perspective, and our shared existence. After more than a year in a pandemic, while some countries are still seeing surges, we are fortunate to be alive. While the machinery of the larger social order of the world continues to move and maintain it's functionality, our shared humanity and care for one another is something we need to practice and remember. As conversations, gatherings, and policies continue to push and pull us into uncomfortable territory, it is necessary to have awareness of the variety of mental frameworks that guide our lives. If we hope to find clarity amidst the confusion of our changing world, we must strive to find common ground in order to collaborate.

Here's a snippet from the satsang where I talk about how to notice your conceptual frameworks:

Inspired by The Lemon Pipers - Rainbow Tree "the time and place, is only something your mind creates"


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