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Right On For The Darkness

Uncertainty, War, and Curtis Mayfield

Uncertainty a hulking figure Looming and unwavering Obscuring future horizons Lonely, listless, and lacking self-worth Salt the wounds Shout at the walls "Lift your skinny fists like antennas to heaven" Rue the day and curse the night Dry tears sopped up by coming dawn Plans, and plans of plans fail Expectations unmet are seeds of future conflict and resentment Waves upon waves of sadness Bids us to grieve what has gone But also what never arrived Struggle against suffering Endure, if you must, but Wars of attrition yield no true victors Mercy, forgiveness, and tenderness Build rather than burn bridges In connection dignity flows

Inviting grace to remind us

Life is limitless in its expressions Aware of all thorns and vines Constricting inner ease, movement, and freedom Waiving white flag "I surrender," and then, Gulp of fresh air keeps the heart alive Remembering nothing is guaranteed Life is full of unknowns, And the possibility for contentment, joy, and equity remain full So I say, "Right On For The Darkness" (Curtis Mayfield) We'll have to use our hearts to see.


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