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How to trust your gut, and The Byrds

Take heart dear friend,

The rough tides of time often barely give us much time to catch our breath before another wave comes. It is okay not to know or understand what to do to solve some of the challenges that are arising in our world today. It okay to be confused, to feel overwhelmed, and to have more questions than answers. This is an invitation to step more deeply into the discomfort of awkwardly and imperfectly discovering what we, as individuals, and as a collective, can do to arrive at a world that is more loving, generous, and compassionate than the one we currently live in.

I will spare you platitudes, or sugary words of inspiration; the internet has enough for several lifetimes. Instead, I will share with you a snippet from last month's satsang. When it comes to practical and useful information about how to show up, and how to make decisions about what to do, we all encounter uncertainty, doubt, and confusion.

Rather than hand you some watered-down-social-media-ready jargon, here are some thoughts on how to "trust your gut." It's a longer video, but worth the listen!

Inspired by The Byrds - Satisfied Mind


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