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Shape Your Mind To DIe

Spiritual practice as a "magic eye," and Leon Thomas

Happy Halloween!

You might think, candy, costumes, or smoke and mirrors, but for me, this time of year is marks the transitions between old and new. So, happy new year! Autumn is a time to recognize the need to draw inward, store resources, and reflect on the past year. We may spend time trying to dress up in costume, but this is also the perfect time to examine the masks we already wear. Some of our self-concepts are useful, some helped us survive challenging things, and some are tired tropes from which we would like to breathe freely. Whatever the case, examining the conditioning that supports our thoughts, feelings, beliefs, desires, ideas, and opinions allows us to be aware of where we are growing, where we are hiding, and what might be ahead of us. For us to really know ourselves, we need to check out our own point of view.

Here are some more thoughts on how spiritual practices are tools to help us view ourselves sort of like a "magic eye":

Inspired by Leon Thomas - Shape Your Mind To Die


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