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Shifting Sands

Ancestors watch behind our eyes, and TWCPAEB

May we feel the presence of life surrounding and supporting us in every breath.

May we have the humility to accept the grace that gives us the opportunity to be alive, and in the company of life's boundless expressions.

May we embrace change as we embrace our own breath.

Adrift through boundless space,

the currents of time carrying us

destination and duration unknown.

Our world a swirling crumb collection

elements ejected from fusion reactions

starlight lost to all eyes.

These human forms on lease

borrowed Earth to be returned.

Who, but those of us alive today,

will remember our struggles,

our indignation and genocide,

our gnashed teeth and choked out words?

Ancestors watch behind our eyes,

still grieving through our tears,

our footsteps treading through theirs



inching forward

guiding us to unknown territory

where dignity dawns in all hearts.

Knowing they will never see

the world healed of ancient wounds,

they remind us not to despair:

"life embraces and sustains us

every breath an exchange

between unseen forces

temporarily dancing together;

here as a human,

there as galaxy."

(Shifting Sands - The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band)


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