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What is between us? and Aretha Franklin

X Factor #81 Art by Larry Stroman and Al Milagrom, Marvel Comics 1992

It's said people are divided,

but what is between us?

A Marianas trench of some kind;

a hidden world of conditions so extreme

only barely recognizable and horrific lifeforms thrive.

Do we measure the space in microns or miles?

Amidst the immeasurable

galactic curtain of space

hidden in the absence of light,

nothing on this planet is truly so far.

Or is time between us?

Halcyon days or holocaust,

tribal paradise or valorous conquest,

modern or future,

all our lives only unfold in this moment.

Is it that in-between place?

The sacred pause dovetailing ebb and flow,

mortise and tenon,

inhale and exhale.

For some it is as far as life and death,

but none have reported,

how far

the distance between body and spirit.

Can you tell me,

how do you measure ideas?

Because that is the only distance

we must bridge.

Inspired by Aretha Franklin, "Think"

"You need me

And I need you

Without eachother there ain't nothing people can do"

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