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Time Of The Season

Updated: Jun 7, 2021

Trust, and The Zombies

My offering to you is a short and sweet strategy that has helped me to make decisions for myself with clarity and ease. Please feel free to share, or comment!

May the spirit of our time bring us renewal!

To be alive is a strange trip. Time appears to change everything, but for the cosmos, it's all business as usual - nothing has changed. To us mere mortals, we're in the thick of things constantly. We have to search, struggle, and stumble our way through life. If we're lucky, we find love and wisdom to help guide us.

Twenty years ago, I was confused, lost, and angry. I didn't know that this world was a safe place for me, and I was not clear on whether I wanted to put in the effort to find out. I had to learn to live with a different attitude entirely, or I would not survive. I had to learn to trust myself, and find out how to feel safe in this world. This process has been filled with learning, and renewal. Not a single step has been wasted.

As we engage with the changing world around us, my hope and encouragement is that we can find ways to approach life with humility, openness, and curiosity. After a year when our relationships have been challenged by distance, physical or otherwise, we need to learn how to trust ourselves and each other again. This will be one of the most powerful, and likely uncomfortable, periods of our lifetime. I trust that we are capable and committed to living together in this world, and will choose paths that will lead us to a world that embraces, protects, and nurtures everyone everywhere (not just humans).

This week's piece was inspired by The Zombies - "Time Of The Season"

If you need some support as we round out a year in a global pandemic, please know that I am here to support you. You can reach out to me. I am also offering healing sessions through my website. Learn about my work and sign up for a free energy system tune up and consultation.


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