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Life great and small, Brother to Brother

Our atoms mostly space,

but full of self-conception

Do we spend our time observing?

Surrounding lifeforms boggle the mind

Amidst patches of grass,

Nearly invisible civilizations

Bodies translucent

colored by chlorophyll

intricate, sophisticated, and delicate.

Hardly reminiscent of our own form.

Generations come and gone

in a handful few solar cycles.

Every mowed lawn an unrecognized genocide.

Lives, eons in the making,

evolving continuously to thrive

against the passage of time unseen by mortal eyes.

These fleeting words

as impermanent as the voice that seeks to utter them.

Our crude and ineffectual way of clinging

whatever we sense, imagine, or conceive

like pollen drifting and searching for something to fertilize

to prolong the sense of living beyond one lifetime.

But life does continue!

Let us set our hearts to work

diligently beyond our own personal aims

to fulfill the great chance for the planet

to house its progeny

as it has for billions of years

before the first words were ever spoken.

The silent intelligence that seeks itself

in expressions of all forms

on this planet and the cosmos itself

is alive and well at work within us all.

Dare to be quiet enough to hear it.

It speaks as the whisper of deep knowing,

urging for repair of what has been broken

by impatience and hubris.

How beautiful it will be

when the great circle that holds us all

a family of loving creatures

united in reverence

around the sacred fire we share

foreseen long ago in visions.

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