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We Are One

Waves, The Fool

waves crashing against a rock,

none identical,

moments never repeated.

lifeless structures cut the wind

pillars of humans desire;

balk the impermanent nature of existence.

grandest fantasies

power struggles

alienation and species chauvinism

hearts hardened by walls of separateness

begin to thaw in awe.

cosmic dance moves silently

playing all the parts,

the stage, the curtains, the lights

the audience, the gum on the floor,

the spider and their web.

the early bird.

the worm.

the late bird, too.

all held lovingly in the same cosmic embrace.

solid ground and open sky

we are afforded a narrow vantage

two pin-pricks, our eyes,

on either side an ocean of infinite depth

the abyss is gazing at itself.

if we are all characters,

played by the same actor,

how could we ever be enemies?

our bodies all nourished by food and water,

all belonging to this one planet.

how could we ever own anything,

or discard each other's lives so casually?

we must lift each other up

from depths of pain and isolation

caused by old ways of thinking and being.

our world a stage to celebrate

waves wearing down the rough edges;

we are all made smooth over time.

in stillness, answers.

hearts and minds made calm

unperturbed and neutral

steeped in what lies beyond language,

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