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Where Is Love?

Listen, The Equatics

Dear reader, may this message find you in good health, with ease of mind and heart.

To be human is to be a rough stone smoothed by the river of cause and effect. All of us, in our own way, must pass through all manner of experiences that reveal the basic dignity that lives and moves through all things. The opportunity to enjoy pleasure, to revel in what nourishes us, and to connect with what urges us to stand openly in the presence of the infinite cosmic parade comes with the balanced share of sorrows, loss, clinging, and grief. To be aware and awake in the midst of the passage of our mortal life is a great chance to celebrate the chance to exist; we are all temporary visitors in this great house.

We all must make our own journey to properly appreciate and receive this great invitation to participate in the worlds' stage, and the great mystery that lies beyond this world. There is no authority figure that will grant us passage into the wisdom that lives within us already: the power, potency, and possibilities of our life are always present with us. Any structure that would oppress or suppress the flow of the river of life will always give way without the sustained effort of maintaining it. For billions of years the life of this planet flourished in countless varieties before humans began to impose their limited perspective of power, control, and privilege. The structures will fall when we realize that life cannot thrive without dignity. To invite dignity into our life means acknowledging where we deny it to ourselves or to others; regardless of the present conditions the chance to change, to grow, to learn, to love, to prosper, to connect, and to contribute to the joy and well-being of others is always possible. To deny the chance of harmony, balance, and choice to anyone (human or non-human) is to deny it to all.

When we doubt the presence of our own dignity, we look outside ourselves for guidance, approval, validation, acceptance, or salvation. After thousands of years of conditioning humanity to fear the silent voice of truth, love, and cosmic intelligence that dwells within everything, it is not a wonder we are confused about how to connect with what lives within us. We have examples of some people who have done it, but we place them into unreachable categories of saintliness and feel umbrage to align ourselves with their stature. With such unequal standing, we are forced to give up our autonomy and create hierarchies that reflect our self-perpetuating inadequacy. Such false humility is a grave hindrance to listening to the wisdom of others as a reflection of our own inner knowing.

We must all make our own effort to open the channels within ourselves for the flowing forces of the waters of life to smooth the rough edges within us that keep us separate from what is already present within us. Whatever invisible unfathomable force makes existence possible is at work equally in all things, including ourselves. To listen to the cosmos speaking directly to us is to look deeply into the depths of our own being at every moment to ask, as the Equatics sang, "Where Is Love?"

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