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Why Can't We Live Together

How To Have Difficult Conversations, and Timmy Thomas (and Sade)

Hey friend,

I deeply value your attention and time, so this message will be brief.

Our liberation, our capacity to embody the presence of joy, love, openness, and compassion, is woven together. Our lives unfold together, and there is no greater distance between us than the ones we create through our separateness. We create invisible barriers to protect ourselves from the rawness of being interdependent. We need each other in order to live in this world. Our existence is impossible in isolation.

Healthy boundaries offer us containers in order to create relationships that are truly nourishing. Expressing our needs, and concern for each other is something we will always continue to learn. It is unavoidable that we will have challenging conversations in order to co-create an environment where collective liberation is possible.

Here are some suggestions on how to have difficult conversations:

Inspired by Timmy Thomas - Why Can't We Live Together (also covered by Sade in 1984)


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