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Our distorted view is a gift. Black Heat.

Our distorted view is a gift.

The cosmos enrobed in

flesh and blood,

a living, breathing, walking, talking microcosm.

A perfect trap for awareness

to fall into forgetful sleep;

slowly weaving the container

into dense self-reflective identity,

only to wake itself up again.

Thoughts and feelings

whiz by like quarks and leptons,

invisible to the naked eye.

A soundless wind sings

stories of generations

echoed across space and time;

wisdom held in hopes and prayers

brought to the surface of minds

amidst the churning waves of modernity.

Starlight -

thousands of years delayed,

pierces the blackness of space

reminding us that above and below,

a vastness unimaginable by the brightest minds.

This insular human world,

colored by plurality,

amidst a diversity of life

playing and growing together

is dying of forgetfulness.

Chickens come home to roost.

Violence and warfare

bloody the palms of us all;

we wash the black ooze

with fracking water;

dollars don't clean woes or injustice.

We invoke the spirit of humility and celebration

those of us whose parched mouths

sing and cry out to draw from the wisdom well,

starving for nourishment

beyond material wants and desires.

We celebrate the power to grieve what once brought joy,

to offer what gifts we have received,

to learn beyond the narrowness of our pinhole view,

to fortify the threads that bind us to all of life,

to nourish what needs healing,

to forgive and be forgiven,

to restrain from repression and subjugation,

to ask for guidance in our confusion,

to welcome the stranger,

and make friends with our fears.

We invite the sacred pause,

the sound of the cosmos breathing itself

through the life of all beings,

known and unknown to human beings.

We set down the struggle, fear, and resistance,

and gratefully remember this separation game

has no winners or losers.

We are here to play.

Our lives all temporary explorations,

a sigh amidst and endless unfolding,

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