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Image by Yair Mejía

All the wisdom you will ever need to live

a happy, fulfilled, and meaningful life

is already within you.

You just need to tap into it.

Awareness is what makes the difference


The ability to focus and apply your awareness is the single most important skill you will ever learn. 


The ancient masters knew and taught this.


When your life is steeped in awareness, you

make better decisions, show up fully in your relationships,

are enthusiastic about taking care of yourself, and you easily recognize what is (and isn’t)

important in life.


The tools I share help you connect with your own awareness. 


Each piece is part of a larger method to understand emotions, underlying conditions and patterns, and put you in touch with your own divine nature.


aqeel Yaseen

Master Teacher & Healer

Student of Sri Dharma Mittra.


Spiritual coach and

master yoga teacher

with over 10k hours teaching experience.


Experienced healer within

the Vortex Healing lineage.

Are you ready to go deeper?

There are three ways to work with me: engaging in your own spiritual practice, receiving healing, or working with me as a guide in your own spiritual awakening.

If you want to deepen your home practice with a skillful teacher, then you will want to sign up for a yoga membership.  As a part of this self study program, you get a variety of meditations, yoga classes, group energy healings, spiritual teachings and live calls with me each month.  Speaking from experience, if you want to evolve in your home practice, working with a personal teacher who witnesses your growth over time is essential.

If you want to heal from past experiences or work through stuck patterns, you will want to receive direct, one-on-one energy healing.  This work awakens old patterns to give space for emotional, physical, and spiritual healing. Similar to how traditional talk therapy helps clients tap into the thought patterns behind emotional blockages, I work at the energetic level to help promote healing for you on the physical, emotional, and spiritual levels.

If you want to see past the illusion of separateness and experience pure awareness,

I can help in your process of spiritual awakening.  Through one-on-one energetic practices, I will guide you into deeper awareness of awareness itself.  In this space you will realize your path to awakening out of separateness into Divinity.

Three paths, one destination. 

I look forward to working with you!

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