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Dance No. 1

"Nature Does Nothing In Vain," and Laraaji

The other side of struggle

is a spaciousness and freedom

seemingly impossible

from the vantage point of bondage.

Softness, tenderness, and vulnerability

are ruthlessly guarded

by defensiveness, brutality, and violence.

Shame, anger, judgment, and revenge

keep us from welcoming each other

in trust, kinship, and interdependence.

The Divine plays with Lego,

building itself an "I"

with a variety of blocks;

every expression uniquely made.

Leucippus didn't mince words:

"natura nihil frustra facit"

(nature does nothing in vain).

Water in our blood flows,

like all water,

seeking itself in everything.

Waking up from separation,

the play continues,

and we are, at long last,

free to enjoy it for what it is.

(Dance No. 1 - Laraaji)


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