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Ever New

Generosity of spirit, words, and Beverly Glenn-Campbell

Blessings to you dear friend,

The state of the world may seem grave, but the possibility for new ways of thinking, choosing, and cohabitating this planet are still available to us. It may be tempting to throw up our hands in resignation, or double down on our efforts out of desperation to avoid calamity or further heartbreak. Instead, we would do well to embrace magnanimity - true generosity of spirit.

When we hear the word generosity it may bring up a flurry of ideas, but when we hear the word magnanimous, it probably brings up a big question mark. Regardless of which word we use, the embodiment of these words is far beyond just "giving." The phrase, "generosity of spirit" is describing a willingness to give, not just to others but also to ourselves, in the material sense, but also to share patience, kindness, tolerance, and compassion. In the current climate of intensity in the widening gaps of material wealth, social status, access to resources, and freedom to choose how to live together, we could all do well to cultivate a generosity of spirit.

What makes such generosity possible is a container where we feel safe to explore our strengths and weaknesses, and to experiment, give and receive feedback, and to learn. One of the biggest challenges to creating a container for learning and exploration is that we are mired in the language and the feelings and thoughts that arise when we use or hear certain words. Without going too far, I would simply offer that our communication works best if it is to help us understand and connect with each other. Obviously there are reasons we feel the way we do upon hearing certain things, and we also often categorize what we hear before we have consciously understood it. With that in mind, our words are hollow if they are not grounded in seeking to embody the spirit of generosity, understanding, compassion, and love.

Here are some more thoughts on the words we choose to use:

Inspired by the beautiful track from Beverly Glenn-Campbell - Ever New from 1986. Read more about his story and his music.


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