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Give up hope to be free, and Earth, Wind, & Fire

Hello again,

It may not be pleasant to hear, but hope is a fantasy that we no longer have time to indulge in. It may be uncomfortable to hear, but any imagined fulfillment of potential, or resolution of doubts, fear, or concerns that comes from anywhere other than the present moment is actually an obstacle. In the present moment, we are free to investigate, adapt, and respond to whatever challenges we face. When we indulge in hope, we withdraw from the present, knowingly or unknowingly, and therefore forfeit our capacity to dance with the rhythm of life. In a world that teaches us to seek out, or attempt to create certainty in order to exert our will or control, it may seem productive or unavoidable to turn to our imagination or beliefs for hope. As with most of our concepts, they are both useful, and not an accurate representation of the nature of existence. Likewise, our hopes are both something from which we can draw inspiration and move towards goals or ideals, and they are a fantasy that allows us to escape the discomfort of being directly in the challenges of being alive. The invitation of the yoga practices, and all wisdom traditions (spiritual practices), is to draw us more directly into the present for the purpose of allowing us to fully embody and experience the full range of what it is like to be alive. To live, with all the joys and terrors, makes it possible for us to be a vehicle for love, compassion, and wisdom in this world.

Here are some more thoughts on how if we want to be free, we must give up hope:


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