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Hocus Pocus

Screaming profanities at the sun, and Focus.

Remember to marvel

to bend towards the ground.

Apparently below,

but actually itself suspended

somewhere sandwiched in not-so-empty space,

and a self-consuming floating fusion reaction.

It would blind us if we looked;

our eyes cannot see the source of light,

we know it by reflection, refraction, and diffraction.

How fascinatingly forgetful we are.

We look without seeing,

confirming and conforming our vision.

We conjure who and what we and this world are.

Mountains, streams, planets, stars, even space itself

need nothing of human concepts to continue existing.

The world, and all our ideas, are for our own sake.

To make less horrifying this cosmic playground,

we soothe ourselves with bedtime stories

of humans as a special kind of creature.

We are soundly sleeping now,

but our dreams are hurting us.

What is needed for us to awaken?

Some suggest we should we burn our house,

instead of cleaning.

Others argue that the invisible hand of fate

guides this material pantomime, and come rapture

we will wriggle free from this mortal coil.

Some embrace the suck, and try to enjoy what life brings.

Science asks us to verify what would be true,

in any language, time, or place,

whether we agree or disagree.

Sages urged us to choose unwavering commitment

relinquish the traps of greed, selfishness, and violence,

to choose temperance to remember

what already lies awake amidst the dream.

There is a middle ground

between flailing wildly

screaming profanities at the sun,

and spartan minimalism or puritanical

and unbending righteousness.

How beautiful to be human,

almost blindly stumbling on a planet

so rich with complex and simple life

organized on unfathomable axes

whose balance made our life possible.

What a wonderful place this can be.

Inspired by Focus - "Hocus Pocus"


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