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Interplay Of Forces

Raise the white flag, limitless power, and Ash Ra Tempel

Oh restless mind,

oh heart full of passion and terror,

may you find steadiness

in the stillness

out of which all things arise.

Regimes, seasons, clouds,

all phenomena arising and subsiding

waves breaking.

Lives precariously dangling,

caught clinging to promises

of being and becoming,

forgetting the power of presence

freely available every breath.

Like Coelho's Santiago searching

everywhere but where we are.

We will war

to retain an idea.

Which is more painful:

confronting complexity

and questioning the story

of who and what we are,

or fighting and killing

to stay comfortable?

Past and present grievances

stems from the same roots

of violence and separateness;

look what we have done to ourselves.

What monstrous pride

compels us to continue

allegiance to machinations of harm;

from eating each other's flesh

to unctuous fealty

and ingratiating our lives

without the slightest contrition.

Raising the white flag

to invite grace in the form

of curiosity, compassion, and service.

Offering with humility

what wisdom reveals itself,

watchful against despair and

taking instructions

on how best to let love reign.

Trusting my life to return to dust,

once it has finished with me.

Inspired by Ash Ra Tempel - "Interplay of Forces"

Also, as things continue to evolve in the global and national political context, please try to keep in mind the world we are living in is quite large and mysterious. Human beings are ingenious and adaptable creatures, and we are still investigating that nature of existence. There are so many many things we do not know. We are still learning, even now (for example, we may have figured out how to generate clean and limitless power).

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