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Keep On Keepin' On

Ask for what you need, and Nolan Porter

What in life has certainty enough to allay the darkness of fear? Ask the flowers if they know how long the sweetness of their nectar will last. Ask the birds how they know their wings can catch the air, and whether they trust the wind to carry them towards the destination they have in mind. What in life is precise enough to predict accurately what will happen next? Ask the waves if they ever break the same way when they find themselves up against the rocks or sand. Ask the clouds whether they know if they will give their rain or carry it further, or are they smuggling lightning. What of life is guaranteed to satisfy every need and want? Ask the bears as they return to the seclusion of winter, in the lands that humans have overrun, if they feel safe and certain their hibernation will suffice. Ask the spirits of those people long since passed, or those soon to depart from this world, whether they had their fill of joys, laughs, or love. This celestial playground built on chance and circumstance offers no remorse or explanation, and yet still we deign to ask our questions. The pittance asked of us an offering for our passage on this spaceship Earth; remain aware of the good fortune to exist, share what has been shared with you. With patience, compassion, and surrender to what is, life, temporarily embodied in our form, will Keep On Keepin' On (Nolan Porter).


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