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The Kingdom Within You

Happy Solstice! Common ground, and Ira Sullivan.

Language ensnares mysteries compounded

proffering a glimpse under the hood,

but only useful if not confused with truth.

Colorless. Vibrational. Mechanistic.

Form and formless alike as expressions of what cannot be named.

The same forces that condense particle clouds into neurons,

coalesce subatomic forces

to twinkle against the background of night.

We forget.

Sense wetware by which we engage creation,

the gift for which we cannot give thanks,

shrinks the vastness of the unknown

into transactions, hustle culture,

and the personal or professional ladder.

In the marathon of life,

racing against the inevitability of death,

our shoes are tied to each others'.

Each stride pulling or dragging,

tightening knots instead of distancing ourselves.

Our destination only so far from our common Earth origin.

We may think,

"I am from Europe, or Africa, or Asia, or America."

We may tell ourselves that we are heading somewhere,

that we have to hurry,

slow down,

keep moving,

or stand still.

Our language and self-concern confuses and deceives us.

The planet spins 1,040miles/hour

and orbits the sun 18.5miles/second.

The days and seasons remind us,

there is a rhythm which guides all life.

Everything we could know is situated

in the space between the planet

and the expanse just above us.

Here and now,

in our small sliver of Earthen space

we can build something beautiful together,

none above another, but on common ground.

Inspired by Ira Sullivan's "The Kingdom Within You"

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