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The Time For Peace Is Now

Happy New Year! The Fantastic Shadows


I mean...Happy New Year!

For some, the change of the calendar year brings excitement, curiosity, and determination, and for others it brings shame, grief, longing, or frustration. Rather than give you a panacea for what steps you might take to alleviate your struggles or maximize your gains, I will only offer you a set of reminders:

All options are equal in the sense that they are information about the conditions of our inner world. Information is a an essential component for action. The place from which our actions arise can be out of the conditioning of our mind or body, but it can also spring from a deeper place of wisdom, love, courage, or freedom. Each of us is in their own process, and has their own capacity to discern the place from which our actions arise, their consequences and impacts, and whatever thoughts, feelings, or meaning we place upon those actions. Spiritual practice supports us in focusing our actions in accordance with the larger cosmos that surrounds us.

If you are inspired to deepen your practice, for whatever reason, my only suggestion is to make yourself an instrument for love, dignity, and compassion. However you choose to do that, whatever practices you engage with, is up to you.

Here are some more thoughts on the subject:

Inspired by The Fantastic Shadows - The Time For Peace Is Now


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