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Intermediate level classes.
These are classes for folks who more seasoned practice, and working to deepen postures.
I am always available for questions, or clarifications. Please do not hesitate to reach out and ask for more personal guidance or instructions.

December 21st

Intermediate: Life transitions: cultivate fortitude and perseverance the move through transitions.

November 23rd

Intermediate: Use the body and mind to settle the body and mind (part 1).

November 16th

Intermediate: Practice to understand your needs.

November 9th

Intermediate: Practice to learn to "listen to your body"

May 18th
Cultivating a consistent practice: energizing

May 11th
Cultivating a consistent practice: grounding

April 19th
Dharma 3 focusing on joints.

April 13th
Deepening the physical practice - muscles and joints.

March 23rd
Being deliberate w/ binds.

March 16th
Being deliberate: holding poses.

March 9th
Being deliberate: cultivating focus.

February 16th
Warming through working with the hips.

February 9th
Warming through working with the back body.

January 19th
Working with Mula Bandha, the pelvic floor.

December 14th
1 hour full practice. 

December 7th
Int/Adv: No warm up, deep dive into postures. 

November 16th
Fun beginner/intermediate class.

November 9th
Focus on twists and the side body.

October 19th
Class for cultivating quiet w/very simple instructions.

October 12th
Concentrate on your spine.

September 28th
Inversion practice.

September 14th
Class for forward bends/hamstrings

September 7th
Beginner/Intermediate practice to cultivate focus

August 17th
Practice for deepening backbends

August 10th
Twisting postures

July 6th
Dharma 3 sequence.
Perfect Intermediate sequence

June 29th
12 sun salutations plus postures with longer holds

July 9th
Slow practice for when it's hot

June 1st
Practice for the 2nd Chakra

May 26th
Express class

May 18th
Class when you feel "low energy"

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